Sunday, January 4, 2009

Set Review: 7335 Japanese Basic Bucket

My sister, the world traveler, was recently in Japan and I asked her to pick up a set I couldn't purchase in America. While she was home for Christmas she gave me what she picked up. Since my Japanese is a little rusty (Ok I don't know any Japanese, but I think their writing is pretty), I'll call the set- 7335 Japanese Basic Bucket.

Theme: Basic
Set Name: 7335 Foundation Set, Blue Bucket (according to Lugnet)
Piece Count: 466 (according to Lugnet)
Price: Unknown, my sister gave it to me. With the exchange rate I would guess a bit more than a set of the similar size in the US.

Review: What you get is basic bricks. Honestly, building cities and buildings sets like this are a great way to build up your collection. One thing I like is they included two small base plates. I can always use more of these, they should do more of this in US basic sets. It also came with two "sets of instructions." One came in the bucket and consisted of a one sided sheet with building ideas, the other was banded to the outside- a two sided instructions; one side for this set (the blue bucket) and the other for the Red Bucket (which looks like it is for a younger age group).

7335 Foundation Set, Blue Bucket
+: Two base plates
-: Not really anything out of the ordinary
Value: I really couldn't give a true value on the price, I don't know what it cost. But if it cost the same as comparable sets in the US I would say it has Average Value

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ertlnet said...

You have a nice sister! :-)